Gailen David’s 25 year travel industry career began in 1987 when he was hired as a flight attendant at American Airlines.

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His book “Jetiquette: The Customer Experience and You” was recognized by Travel Weekly Magazine and received “The Magellan Award” in 2008. Today, “Jetiquette,” trademarked by David, highlights various ways that travellers can make the skies more civilized while traveling, enhancing the experience for everyone.

He is also co-creator of SavvyStews.com, the largest independent travel network on the Internet, along with Bobby Laurie. The website sees millions of visitors a year.

Gailen will co-host “The Jet Set”, a new national travel-themed talk show, of which he is also an executive producer, beginning in 2016 . Gailen appears regularly as a travel host on CNN Airport Network and contributes travel advice and tips to several media outlets.